WE make
any screen a digital sign!

Impress your customers, visitors, engage your employees with beautifully designed contents.

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Media files

Our platform supports a wide range of image, audio, and video formats: jpg, png, gif, mp4, mp3 and more.


Create custom playlists by combining any content from images and videos to apps.


Schedule your content for different times of day, for certain weeks, or for special events.

Online editor

Create your slides and content directly on our platform with our page editor.

Screen zones

Split up screens into multi zones, 2, 3, 4 or more. Use our template or customize zones size, positions to your designs.


Bring your screens to life by integrating our various widgets such as the weather, a webcam, a wall flow or a Like counter of your social networks Instagram, Facebook etc.


Choose from our list of applications to easily create and publish great dynamic content. (Meeting room, Digital menu, Game, Photo booth,...)


Synchronise your content across multiple screens.

Remote touch

Allow customers to connect and interact with your screens from their mobile devices (make selections, browse, etc.).

Work Offline

Content is downloaded to your devices to save network bandwidth, and your screens will work even with an intermittent internet connection.


Invite your team to manage, and update your screens.


Landscape/portrait and reverse Landscape/portrait modes support.

Auto restart

Program an automatic restart to improve the stability of your screens.